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Understanding How to Balance AI with Originality

There are many marketers who are going to surrender their original voice, their brand and any thoughts they have to artificial intelligence (AI), unfortunately. These people will not remain competitive because there is no originality that audiences seek.

You never want to be a sterile brand or leader in a niche, which is what AI will deliver if you let it have free rein over your business. So how do you use AI while still maintaining your own voice?

There are a few ways you can achieve this. First, do some preliminary work on the project before you log into ChatGPT or whatever AI tool you’re going to use. You want to stay sharp and know how to market with or without tech tools at your disposal.

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for an eBook, making a list of SEO keywords, or thinking about which products to promote for a niche, get something ready to start with that you can provide AI before asking it to bring more information to the table.

Not only does this ensure you play a role in what’s created, but it gives AI a heads up about which direction you’re moving in. You can ask it to stay the course and expand on what you provide or ask it to come up with brand new concepts you haven’t even considered.

Another thing you can do to maintain originality is heavily prompt AI to get what you want. Most people know very little about prompting. They ask for the bare minimum, such as, “Write an article about how to lose weight.”

You want to continue prompting AI each step of the way with detailed involvement about what you want it to produce. When it delivers something, you can take the entire piece or a section of it and ask for revisions in a way that maintains your original goals and ideas.

Third, you can train your AI database to mimic your original style. You can attach content that you’ve created so AI can work from that style and voice rather than it simply tapping into a massive, random database others have created.

You can tell AI that you want your expertise and stylistic voice used for everything it creates. Any specific instructions you have can be added to the Custom Instructions area in ChatGPT so you won’t have to continually prompt it to remember each time.

These three tips combined will help you maintain originality when working with AI, so that you continue being a recognizable brand and not a content creator whose work is void of any human characteristics.


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