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Chapter 4: Finding the Inspiration (The Key to Incredible Productivity)

But THE most important key ingredient for doing lots of great work, is to be passionate and inspired by your work.

Inspiration is different from motivation. Motivation is being able to push yourself to work even when you don’t want to. But inspiration means having ideas for how you want your project to turn out. It means visualizing it when it’s complete, and it means wanting to get back to work to put those ideas and plans into action.

When you are inspired by work, it becomes intrinsically motivating. That means that you want to do it for its own sake.

One way to accomplish this, is to think about the type of work you’re doing. If you find that you are consistently being given tasks that you find dull or boring, or that you really can’t be excited about, then perhaps it is time to assess whether you’re in the right line of work.

Should you consider changing jobs?

Because when you find work you really love, you’ll find you become instantly more productive and better at working.

Now of course, changing jobs won’t be an option for everyone. You might not have this luxury. Moreover, even if you love your job, there will be still be tasks and jobs that you don’t love. No one loves every single part of their job!

So another thing to do, is to try and look at whatever it is you’re doing, and then make it more interesting

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Chapter 3: Productivity Hacks: How to Motivate Yourself to Work

Of course, sitting down and doing the hardest and biggest thing first, isn’t always easy. It’s one thing to set yourself rules for working, but it’s quite another to stick to them! With so much to do, how can you make sure that you stay on-course and actually do it?

Especially when it would be so easy to grab a good book and a hot drink, and then retire into the armchair that’s right there in the corner of the room!

This is where you need some productivity hacks!

Setting Yourself Rewards

Coming to our rescue is a tip from the book “How to Save an Hour A Day” by Michael Heppell. He says that you should set yourself smaller goals within a project, and then reward yourself for completing those.

So for instance, if you normally start your day by going to make yourself a coffee, then browsing through emails, and having a cheeky look at Facebook… that needs to change.

It is about half nine and you’ve so far achieved nothing! That’s a deflating way to start your day

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Chapter 2: How to Structure Your Working Day to Get More Done

The way that you structure your day when working from home can make a huge difference to your ability to get lots of work done. The danger is that when you have no manager leaning over you, you might find that you allow yourself a little extra luxury and time than is ideal. That in turn could mean you end up procrastinating to the point where you fall behind before you’ve even started!

The solution is to introduce some rules. These might seem somewhat arbitrary, but we’ll see that they can provide a structure and discipline that will help you to accomplish MUCH more.

Eat the Whole Frog

The first one that we’re going to address is something called “Eating the Whole Frog.” This comes from a quote by Mark Twain that says:

“If your job is to eat a frog, then you should do that first thing in the morning. If your job is to eat two frogs, then you should eat the biggest and ugliest one first.”

You should also change your job.

Basically what he’s saying here, is that you should do the biggest and ugliest task first.

If you’re starting your day and you have 5,000 words to write, then you should sit down and do that before you do anything else. Before you answer any emails, before you do any smaller tasks, or anything you want to do....

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Chapter 1: Introduction – Working From Home is What You Make of It

So, you’re stuck working from home? There are now two ways this can go.

One option is that you work like so many other people who are confined to home offices. That means you’ll spend a huge chunk of your day procrastinating before you actually get anything done, which will result in work spilling over into your evening.

You’ll go to bed with work still on your plate, feeling stressed and behind. Meaning you’ll wake up the next day and start work in your pyjamas.

Without someone looking over your shoulder or structuring your day, it’s all too easy to fall into bad habits. You make yourself that morning cup of coffee, you check your emails, you read Facebook… you neglect to shave! It feels like liberation at first, and it’s a great feeling not having to rush out of the door.

But as a result, you end up with no structure. You spend all of your day “half working” and you spend all your time cooped up in one room. Your work life bleeds into your downtime, and you end up falling behind in all kinds of aspects of your productivity AND your personal life.

So what is the other option?

The other option is that you grasp this opportunity with both hands: that you apply a little strategy and discipline. Most importantly: you gain the correct mindset that will help you to tackle this unique challenge in the best way possible....

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When Working Hard Isn’t Enough

If you’ve been working hard but not getting the results you want, it's time to reevaluate. By taking the time to review your goals, your plan and your current strategies, you may discover smarter ways to reach your goals. You may see previously overlooked issues that are hindering your progress.

Once you've completed your reevaluation, there are other things you can do to give yourself a boost.

Build Trusting Relationships

If you look at successful people, you'll often see they are surrounded by other successful people. They've networked and created trusting relationships with others who have similar goals as they do. These are people they can call in when they need help and who they can aid when needed.

Start networking and building trusting relationship with others who can offer advice, guidance, and support when you need it.

Find a Mentor and Be a Mentor

If you’re not moving at an acceptable pace, find a mentor who is. Search for a mentor who matches your values and morals and who is living the life you want to live. They can give you tips, introduce you to the right people, and help you to move forward. Likewise, when you reach your goals or are moving steadily forward, be a mentor to someone a few steps behind you.

Get a Coach

A professional coach can help you accomplish most anything you can dream up. Find a coach who specializes in the area in which you are stuck. You may find that, over time, you hire more than one coach to help you punch through to the next level.

Learn Something New

If your current strategy isn't working, look for other ways to reach the same goal. Research and read up on various methods until you find one that seems doable. Alternately, choose to learn something new that isn't related to what you are stuck on. Sometimes, taking your mind off the problem and learning something completely new will reenergize your mind and body, giving you a new perspective on things.


Sometimes slow progress is due to a lack of time. When you have too much on your plate, you cannot properly focus on what you need to do. You can buy more time by delegating to family members or paying others to help you. This might mean hiring a housekeeper, a bookkeeper, a marketing professional or someone to run errands for you throughout the week. Oftentimes, taking just a little off your plate can make a big impact on your results.

If you feel like you’re always working hard, but not making much progress, it's time for a change. Take a break. Assess where you are compared to where you want to be. Look for ways to reduce stress, gain new insight and start moving forward.

Why Getting Better at Goal Setting Will Make You More Productive

Why Getting Better at Goal Setting Will Make You More Productive

Being productive is a skill that many successful people value. The reason is that when you are productive, you get more done, make more money, and still experience freedom in your life. One way to accomplish more is to get better at goal setting.

  • Goals Provide Focus – When you set goals properly using SMART goal setting practices, you will end up being very focused on the results that you want to see. When you are results-focused, it’s easier to concentrate on getting it done.
  • Goals Enable You to Measure Progress Better – When you have a specific goal set, for example, if you’re writing a book and your goal is to write 1000 words a day, you can measure your progress based on that goal.
  • Goals Allow You to Overcome Procrastination – When you set goals correctly, you’ll also end up with steps to take to reach the goal you set. These action steps can be transferred to certain days in your calendar. When you are overwhelmed, just look at today’s entry and do only that without a thought about the rest.
  • Goals Are Motivating – When you write out all your goals on paper, and you can look at what is happening, as well as track your progress, it can be very encouraging to keep ongoing.
  • Goals Make Even Hard Processes Easier – As you are setting a goal if you’re doing it right, you’ll create steps to accomplish the goal too. You’ll know how you’re going to do it before you start.
  • Goals Fuel Your Ambition – The inspiration you’ll gain as you create your goals, and the steps to achieving the goal, will help you believe in yourself even more than you already do. You can see right on paper how things will happen.
  • Goals Hold You Accountable – When you set up goals and put the steps to achieving in your schedule, you can then see where you’re falling short or where you’re going forward.
  • Goal Setting Shows You What You Really Want – The cool thing about developing goals is the ability to look at the finished goals that you create and see what you really want out of life. It’s what you focus most on.

If you want to learn about how to set clear goals, do some research about setting SMART goals. This type of goal setting will be even better for your productivity, as they are better thought out and follow a transparent process.

Build a personal effective system and you will always win

Build a personal effective system and you will always win

It's quite surprising to learn that the vast majority of lottery winners end up as broke as when they started. I know this is a shocking statistic, but the vast majority of people who win the lottery end up in worse financial shape than before they won the lottery.

How can this be? Well, it doesn't really matter how many millions of dollars pass through your hands. If you don't know what to do with that money, you're just wasting your time.

It is no surprise that a lot of lottery winners end up getting a lot of money to fund their very worst instincts. For example, if somebody has an addiction problem, getting their hands on millions of dollars or British pounds can make the problem even worse.

In fact, in one notorious case out of the United Kingdom, a person who won several million pounds ended up blowing all that money on cocaine and prostitutes. My point here is that success is not based on the money that enters your life.

Success is all about the change in character that you go through that enables money to not only enter your life but stay in it. For this to happen, you have to adopt the right habits. You can't just hang on to your old way of thinking.

This is where a lot of people who just “lucked into” their great fortune fail. There are many people who lucked into millions of dollars during the craze of the early 2000's. A lot of those people are struggling now.

There are a lot of people who made millions of dollars when iPhone apps became very popular. A lot of them are bankrupt today. The reason is because they did not develop a personal effectiveness system as far as their money is concerned.

You have to have a system. You can't just expect for things to happen out of raw intuition or hunches. If you try to do things that way, chances are you will end up making the wrong move more often than making the right call. The odds are not in your favor.

You should focus instead on becoming the right kind of person to achieve your dreams. If you are struggling in any way, shape or form in any area of your life, please understand that it's not the fault of other people. It's definitely not the fault of any situation outside of your control.

I know it's unpleasant to hear, but this is one truth that you need to hear: It's all your fault. Take ownership. Understand that you're the only person that can make real changes in your life. You have to take this responsibility.

This is why you need to build a system that increases your personal effectiveness. It's not a series of hacks. It's not a string of hunches. It definitely has nothing to do with being lucky. You have to build a system. This means adopting the right habits, having a clear understanding of what you're doing and, most importantly, having a clear view of the consequences of your decisions.

This is all rooted in the understanding of the power of your ability to make decisions. If you're able to do that, then you're going to be able to call the shots as far as your life is concerned. As you probably already know, the results of your life are a flow from your choices.

Put in another way, change your choices and you change your life. To get a clear practical framework on how to do this, click here.

Every failure is a victory in disguise

Every failure is a victory in disguise

I know this is going to be a very unpopular lesson. After all, it's very unwelcome. A lot of people think that failure is something to be avoided. In fact, a lot of people are paranoid about failure. They're so scared of it, they don't even try.

Well, what if I told you that the more you give in to your fear of failure, the more you will fail? Why? Well, the fact that you are not achieving the kind of result that you want for yourself right here, right now, is a form of failure.

You have these big dreams. You have these amazing visions that you have set out for yourself. Every single day that passes without you working towards those big dreams is a waste of day. That is a failure.

Unfortunately, if you allow yourself to remain fearful of failing, you're not going to take action. You're not going to take the necessary, bold sacrifices that you need that will take you closer and closer to victory.

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, I can decide to start today.” Good. But you're terrified of not getting the results that you're expecting. The possibility that something could go wrong freezes you in your tracks.

This really is too bad because every set back or challenge you encounter along the way to victory is a victory in disguise. You have to look at your attitude towards challenges. A lot of people think that they have failed when the things that they assume or expected did not materialize. They think that that is the end of the game.

That's not true. If things don't pan out the way you expected, this means that there are certain problems that you need to solve. These are not problems that are debilitating. These are not problems that indicate that you are dumb or there's something fundamentally wrong with you.

Instead, these are problems that just need solutions. This is an opportunity because the more you solve your problems, the smarter you get. You become more of an expert. You become more capable.

Also, when more challenges appear, you don't fold like a house of cards. Instead, you're able to take it and take it until you achieve success. That is victory.

Understand that each failure or setback is actually an opportunity. You not only learn how to fix problems and see things that you may have not seen before. You may also be able to change your personal character.

Maybe you're impatient. Maybe you're a very short term figure. Maybe you can't see the forest from the trees. Whatever it is you're struggling with, look at the challenges that you face as the solutions to the character issues that may be holding you back.

I know that this is a cold comfort for many people. Still, if you understand that you stand to gain victory by learning more about yourself and pushing yourself, you can position yourself for greater victories in the future.

This is how you can turn your fear of failure into a tremendous opportunity. Even if a failure has happened, you don't have to stay on the floor. You don't have to allow yourself to get knocked down by staying down.

Get back up, spring back up and go for it again and again. Sure you would get knocked down over and over, but guess what? The more you resolve to fix the problem once and for all, the faster you will spring up from the ground and the sooner you will be able to solve that problem.

Take this opportunity. To learn how to turn every failure into a victory, click below

Every baby step forward you take is a victory

Every baby step forward you take is a victory

One of the most common assumptions people make about success is that it's supposed to be big. It's supposed to be something that is bold, dramatic and substantial. They feel that big victories have to be large. In fact, so many people believe that it has to be larger than life itself.

There's a lot of drama in a spectacular victory and it really is sad when people believe this because they end up robbing themselves of the ability to achieve such victories. How come?

Well, when you actually put in the work towards a goal, it may well turn out that your outcomes are incremental. In fact, they can be so incremental that you can't even detect them. They're that small. It's not unusual for people who find themselves in this situation to think that the progress that they're making is simply not worth it.

They say that they're giving up so much and putting in so much time, effort and energy only to have such inconsequential results. The more they think about this, the more discouraged they become. Eventually, it's only a matter of time until they lose hope. They end up quitting.

Let me tell you, the only way to lose in anything in life is to quit and that's precisely the kind of situation you're setting up for yourself when you expect big victories. You should look at this from a different perspective. You should reduce your scale. You should zero in on what you're doing at that precise point in your journey towards ultimate success.

In other words, look at what you're actually achieving. If it's slightly different from where you started, chalk it up to victory. Log it as a big win.

It may not be as grand or dramatic as you had hoped, but it's still a step forward. The bottom line is simple: every baby step forward you take is still a step forward. Let's put it this way, it's better than when you started.

Sure you may only be a couple of inches away from your starting point, but you're still further ahead in the journey. Given enough time, there will be more and more distance. Again, even if you are making progress at the rate of a few inches everyday, you're still distancing yourself from your starting point.

It's only a matter of time until you see a large enough change from where you are with where you started. Don't rob yourself of the emotional urgency you need to keep pushing forward by expecting big things.

Let me tell you, the first time you swing that bat, don't expect a home run. Don't even expect a hit. Just keep swinging that bat. Perfect your form. Eventually, you will hit the ball and you will get better and better. That's how life works.

When you set up impossible conditions for yourself, you become a victim of your own expectations. You expect yourself to bolt out of that gate like a Kentucky Derby winner. Life doesn't work that way. Sometimes, victory is measured in inches. Be happy with that.

Understand that a baby step forward is something you can build on. It's something that is a summary of all the lessons you have learned. You can scale up these lessons. You can build on them. They're building blocks to greater and greater success.

If your ultimate victory involves thousands of miles, you can bet that the hard lessons that you learn in the painful first few inches of that journey will teach you a thing or two about the rest of the skill sets you need to adopt. Things will get better and better.

It's really all about achieving momentum but you have to start. Don't rob yourself of victory by assuming that you are somehow entitled to amazing results the first time around. Sometimes, you have to make several attempts for you to achieve substantial results. Be willing to pay that price. Be willing to go the whole nine yards.

To learn how to turn every baby step forward into a practical victory, click below

Achieve more by working purposefully

Achieve more by working purposefully

Have you ever found yourself at work chasing your tail? I'm not talking about literally chasing your backside. I'm talking about small stuff day in, day out, all day, everyday and your life doesn't change.

I'm telling you, even if you're the most efficient email responder in the world, your life is probably not going to change unless, of course, there's something fundamentally important about those emails, you are essentially just doing ministerial stuff on a day to day basis.

The sad reality is that a lot of these things that we find enjoyable are also the most inconsequential stuff. For example, checking your Facebook updates and notifications may be a lot of fun. But if instead of reading your textbook or doing your assignment, you waste your time on social media updates and emails, your life is probably not going to go where you want it to go.

You're probably not going to achieve much of a breakthrough in that midterm or finals exam you're studying for. The same applies to your relationships and this definitely applies to your work. Focus on what's important.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that they should focus more on what's pleasant. They are under the impression that they should devote a tremendous amount of time on things that are convenient.

Well, here's the problem. If everybody approached life that way, most people will be making minimum wage. If given a choice, most people would rather do the most pleasant and least time consuming stuff. In most cases, most people would rather do things that don't take much effort or energy.

This is human nature. I really can't blame them for thinking this way. After all, it's hard wired into the human condition that we take the path of least resistance.

Unfortunately, if you did that, you're not going to set yourself up for getting much of life's rewards. The reason why lawyers, doctors, medical professionals and top level executives make so much money is because they have to pay a high price and go through quite an ordeal to get the knowledge that they have.

This requires sacrifice, not doing things that are quick, easy and pleasurable in favor of things that are unpleasant, inconvenient and are downright annoying. But if you're able to do that day after day, week after week, month after month, eventually, you get to where you need to go and the rewards come. That's how life works.

Unfortunately, if you refuse to work with a sense of purpose, it's so easy to just continue to do stuff that really doesn't matter. Sure it's a lot of fun to check your email. It's good to know what other people are up to on your Facebook friend list. But at the end of the day, none of that stuff really matters.

What matters is whether you are putting in purposeful work to the big goals in your life and the best way to do this is to work purposefully. In other words, you zero in on the big vision you have for yourself and you allow that vision to give you the inspiration, sense of urgency and the emotional power you need to focus on what you need to do to get to where you need to go.

This can take a long time. This is why a lot of people are not up to the journey. They fold. They lose motivation. What's really happening is that they missed the forest for the trees. They focused only on what's in front of them and they lose sight of the big picture.

If you don't want this to happen to you and you want to tap the power of working with purpose, click here.

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