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Chapter 2: How to Structure Your Working Day to Get More Done

The way that you structure your day when working from home can make a huge difference to your ability to get lots of work done. The danger is that when you have no manager leaning over you, you might find that you allow yourself a little extra luxury and time than is ideal. That in turn could mean you end up procrastinating to the point where you fall behind before you’ve even started!

The solution is to introduce some rules. These might seem somewhat arbitrary, but we’ll see that they can provide a structure and discipline that will help you to accomplish MUCH more.

Eat the Whole Frog

The first one that we’re going to address is something called “Eating the Whole Frog.” This comes from a quote by Mark Twain that says:

“If your job is to eat a frog, then you should do that first thing in the morning. If your job is to eat two frogs, then you should eat the biggest and ugliest one first.”

You should also change your job.

Basically what he’s saying here, is that you should do the biggest and ugliest task first.

If you’re starting your day and you have 5,000 words to write, then you should sit down and do that before you do anything else. Before you answer any emails, before you do any smaller tasks, or anything you want to do....

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