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Beginner Blogging for Seniors

Beginner Blogging for Seniors

Many older adults don’t know the fun and income potential that having a blog can give them. They avoid starting one because they’re worried it might be too difficult to get going or they fear they won’t be able to understand the set up process paired with the task of keeping it running over time.

They worry that maybe it’ll be too expensive to have a blog. Or they’re not sure how running a blog is going to help them make money online. The good news is, blogging is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly methods of starting a business online.

Anyone can do it – from young adults to those in their golden years. You can blog in any niche market, and it takes very little technical knowledge or time and money commitments to get the ball rolling.

A Blog Allows You to Keep Costs Low

If you’ve thought about the idea of starting a blog, but you’re worried that it will be too expensive, you’re not alone. A lot of seniors worry about incurring any extra expenses – especially when they’re pursuing this in an effort to bring money in.

This is a valid worry because many seniors live on a fixed budget. The idea of spending a lot of money on something you’re not sure of probably doesn’t thrill you. But if you’re thinking that you’re going to have to spend a lot to have this online presence that can help your business, you’re mistaken.

Having a blog can be inexpensive, especially when compared to the costs of setting up a professional website. You can purchase a domain for as little as $0.99 to $12 per year.

However, you may also want to purchase privacy protection for about $9.95. This protects your address and phone number from going out onto the web because it becomes publicly available information otherwise.

When you pay for privacy protection, the domain registers their address and phone number. You’ll also need a hosting account, which is what holds the files for your blog site.

You can find a host for as little as $4 a month - or even less. Some companies will both register your domain and host it as part of one set up, but many marketers don’t recommend this strategy.

The reason you need to have a blog is to have an online presence for your business – regardless of whether you sell products or services or promote them as an affiliate for other vendors...

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