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Side Hustle #5: Participate in Focus Groups

There is always new research to be done when it comes to marketing and understanding the way a human’s mind works. Companies will create surveys and other methods for businesses so that they can sell their research to businesses and brands looking for marketing research.

These companies are always looking for people who are willing to participate in focus groups. You can apply to join and if accepted, you can get paid either per project or per hour.

Make sure to only sign up for paid focus groups. It is important to make sure you are qualified for the focus group you want to join. Some of this research will target certain demographics, so make sure to read the requirements ahead of time.

 Sometimes, they will have you fill out a pre-survey so that you will know for sure whether or not you qualify. They may even interview you beforehand to see if you’re a good fit and that may include asking you things like how old you are, what race  or political affiliation you belong to, and so on ....

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