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Side Hustle #3: Learn How to Recruit Affiliates

An affiliate manager is tasked with handling promotions for memberships, classes, products, and information. They have to know how to network with the competition and bring in a flow of traffic by leveraging other peoples’ lists, especially during product launches.

It’s up to the affiliate manager to create successful promotions while handling all of the technical details of any type of release. Many entrepreneurs will try to handle this type of work on their own.

But once their brand grows to a certain point, they will no longer have time for it. If they choose to trust you with such an important aspect of their business, it is essential that you already know what you are doing and can ease the burden for them.

You’ll approach the top affiliates in the niche and open a discussion with them to see if they’d be interested in promoting. You’ll be the point person answering questions and sending them any and all materials they need to make an informed decision....

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