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9 Effective Tactics for Dealing with Difficult People

9 Effective Tactics for Dealing with Difficult People

Sadly, almost everyone must deal with a difficult person from time to time. The problem is that not everyone is equally prepared or skilled to do so. If you want to be better with people learning good communication tactics will help.

  • Set Yourself Up for Success – If you know in advance that you may need to deal with a difficult person, prepare for it. Plan how you’ll control yourself, respond and react to the person so you both experience success.
  • Listen More Than You Speak – When you deal with people, listen more than you speak and aim for a better understanding to solve more problems.
  • Set Limits and Boundaries –It’s not aggressive to set limits with others. This helps you stay on track while helping others understand your priorities and realistic expectations.
  • Keep Calm and Be Courteous – Even if other people are demanding or loud, keep calm, and continue to be courteous. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into the dramatics of others.
  • Avoid Being Defensive – A difficult person may want you to focus on something inappropriate, which can come in the form of implying something that makes you feel defensive. Don’t fall for the ploy. Just take a deep breath and move to the next conversation point.
  • Address Needs and Provide Solutions – Difficult people tend to focus on needs and solutions rather than feelings and emotions. Keep conversations low-key and on point.
  • Get Help from An Ally – If a person is especially difficult, you may need help from an ally that the difficult person respects. For example, in a divorce, you may need to hire a professional mediator to help you both.
  • Don’t Make Demands – When someone is difficult, they may make demands of you. People don’t generally calm down when told or stop adverse reactions just because you want them to. Just move past the reactions by ignoring anything that is not conducive to the issues.
  • Be More Self-Controlled – Dealing with difficult people requires that you find a way to keep your emotions in check. Practice self-control in your interactions.

Getting good at dealing with difficult people is a skill that will carry you far, in life. You’ll be more likely to negotiate good deals, and you’ll be seen as the type of person that brings people together which is a good sign of a prosperous leader.


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