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Creating an Opt In Offer They Can’t Refuse

Creating an Opt In Offer They Can’t Refuse

Gone are the days when you could merely offer notifications and updates to future subscribers. Consumers have learned their lesson after receiving a flood of spam over the years with no real value.

Now, they expect something more in exchange for their name and email address - and rightly so. When you have a landing page or opt in box, you need to have something more than the promise to notify them of future blog posts.

You want to give them something free in exchange for their contact information. The first thing you might consider is a free report or eBook that teaches them something they wish to know.

This can be anything from a simple five page report to a full guide sent in PDF format. Page count isn’t as important as the information contained inside. You can also promise a multimedia course that includes both the text version and video files.

Some people offer some sort of tool or software in exchange for the right to communicate with a visitor at a later date. It could be something as simple as a checklist or template that they download if you don’t have the skill to create your own software. 

You can give your potential subscribers access to one of your previous paid courses if you like. Just make sure that it’s up-to-date and that your offer doesn’t promise something they won’t be receiving.

Depending on your niche market, you may want to offer some sort of plan that they can download or access. For example, if you’re in the fitness niche, then you might offer a 30 day diet or exercise plan.

Some people will even subscribe for a perk - such as a discount or coupon that they can use with your products. For example, if you run a PLR site, then you might offer an introductory discount coupon of 50% off for those who subscribe to your list.

Don’t forget to use a multimedia approach with your free offers whenever possible. Not everyone will enjoy digesting text or audio or video the same way. The more options you have to offer them, the better.

One thing you may also want to consider is including an unexpected subscriber gift in the very first email. In addition to the offer that they specifically signed up for, you can go above and beyond and wow your customer with an extra freebie they weren’t expecting.


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