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Being Strategic with Your Opt in Box Placement

Being Strategic with Your Opt in Box Placement

Just because you have an email autoresponder in place doesn’t mean you will acquire subscribers. You have to make sure that your opt in box is strategically placed where visitors to your site can see it and clearly see how to sign up.

Many marketers start out with a single landing page. This is a page that is light on content and merely conveys the free offer that usually accompanies a sign-up situation. But if this is all you’re using, then you’re missing out on some important list building opportunities. 

For example, if you run a blog, then you want to have the opt in box in the sidebar of your blog. That way, regardless of which post the person came to read on your site, they will see the opt in opportunity on every page.

You can format the opt in box to fit any size sidebar. Another place you can strategically place an opt in box for your email autoresponder is below each post that you create. All you have to do is insert the raw HTML code that you generate within your email autoresponder system and it can capture the names and email addresses of visitors after they have consumed your valuable information.

This is a good place to position an opt in box because if your post is long, the visitor may have scrolled down past the sidebar opt in box. Make sure you encourage people at the end of each blog post to get on your list.

You always want to encourage sign-ups to your list everywhere you go. That includes social media posts, Within PDFs that you release online, in videos that you create, on podcast audio files, and within products and bonuses.

Your opt in box should have a clean aesthetic appeal and blend in to your site nicely. However, you also want it to stand out to some degree. You can do that with an image or icon that draws their eye to the offer. Make sure your offer includes a call to action that tells them exactly what you want them to do.

You may want to split test a variety of opt in boxes and offers to see which method or style your niche responds to best. It may be something as simple as a color combination or headline that tips the scales in your favor for more subscribers.


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