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8 Tips for Becoming Comfortable with Power

8 Tips for Becoming Comfortable with Power

As you mature and grow into your life, you’re going to eventually assume progressively more powerful roles. At home, at work, or as an entrepreneur, the interesting thing is that once you have a position or title, everyone perceives your power, but it’s not given to you by them. To become more comfortable with power, follow these 8 tips.

1.Embrace Your Aspirations

For some reason, many people feel they cannot acknowledge their ambitions. This is especially true for women. They often hide their aspirations from others because they don’t want other people to criticize them or dissuade them. Ambition is normal. You don’t have to be miserable in the present to want more for the future. State what you want and do it with pride.

2.Avoid Negative Self Talk

It’s hard to totally avoid negative self-talk but what you can do is to train yourself that when you hear that negative talk in your mind to transition the thought to something positive or even neutral. Some studies even suggest that for bad days turning your negativity into something more neutral is just as effective as being falsely positive for helping you change your mindset.

3.Ask for Help When Needed

One thing that many people falsely assume as they move into their power through personal growth and development, their career, and homelife is that no one knows everything, and no one can be the expert on everything. Plus, there are always going to be things you don’t know and the worst thing about that is you may not even know what you don’t know enough to explain it or ask the right questions. For this reason, ask for help and bring in experts to help you make better choices.

4.Share Opinions and Ideas Confidently

When asked, give feedback by sharing your opinions and ideas. Share your thoughts confidently. When you do this, it will highlight your confidence and make you seem even more knowledgeable and powerful. Some people will appreciate what you say, even when you share negative aspects. Other people will focus on the negatives and that’s okay as long as you are truthful, and you share from an unbiased point of view. Just make sure that you keep everything confidential so you each gain and feel the trust.

5.Accept and Acknowledge Your Fears

Powerful people have fears too. It’s fine to have them and totally normal and natural. One reason people have so much imposter syndrome is due to buying into the idea that people “up there” don’t have the same fears that everyone else has. The good news is that everyone on the earth has fears, even the President of the United States or a ruler of the most oppressive regime. Strong man or not, they are also fearful. But it’s when you accept and acknowledge it that it loses its power over you.

6.Find Time to Be Quiet

Your brain needs downtime each day to renew while also still awake. Take time to be in a quiet place so that your brain can recharge. Go for a walk in the park, meditate, try float therapy. Do what you can to give your brain time to reset each day either through meditation or something else that is planned and quiet.

7.Be Open-Minded

Open-minded people listen to what others say, are empathetic, and are able to hear feedback without being defensive. They can listen to other ideas and accept them even when they disagree with them. Open-mindedness makes you curious about what other people think and keeps you very considerate of diversity. Plus, it’s much easier to keep your cool when something goes wrong.

8.Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

The only way to grow is to experience some discomfort. If your life is just a breeze with no stress whatsoever, you are probably not living up to your potential. When you leave your comfort zone, you enable growth to take place. Learning new things and doing the things that make you feel a little difficult or uneasy will make you feel good about yourself when you’ve gone through it due to the dopamine release, you’ll experience.

The truth is, the more you’re able to disregard your discomfort, the more you’re going to be able to take your position of power and use it for good. The good you can create in your life and others is also a very powerful thing that cannot be denied. And true power, authentic power, comes from you and not anyone else.


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