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6 Key Benefits of Adopting the Growth Mindset

6 Key Benefits of Adopting the Growth Mindset

Your mindset controls how you view yourself, others, and the world. It manages your ability to grow and change, whether you realize your dreams, and how you control your life and destiny. Your mindset determines whether you develop throughout your life or if you remain fixed in your development and traits. Adopting a growth mindset is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself, but what exactly are the benefits of taking this outlook? Here are just a few.

Growth Thinking Boosts Your Confidence

Setbacks and challenges are much more likely to undermine your confidence and set you on a path to struggle with a fixed mindset. Those who embrace learning can look at adversity as an opportunity to improve themselves, which boosts their confidence by enhancing their competence. Because growth thinking helps you see the value in opportunities, you are more likely to learn from all experiences, even those that others might view as unfavorable.

Growth Strengthens Your Relationships

Those with a fixed way of viewing themselves and the world often struggle with long-term or intimate relationships because they often expect perfection from others or value how others make them feel. With a growth outlook, you recognize that you are not perfect, nor should you expect your partner to be. You strive to be a better person for yourself as well as those you love, and over time, this can help you change in ways that benefit your relationship. You are also willing to allow your partner to strive to improve themselves.

You Will Gain Better Insight into Yourself Through Growth Thinking

Being able to focus on growth means that you can evaluate your strengths and struggles well, identify ways to improve yourself, and set goals for yourself that are aligned to your values. Through growth thinking, you learn to evaluate your capabilities and clarify your dreams, which enables you to set a course for your life that is more likely to result in joy and success.

You Can Have More Fun in Life with a Growth Mindset

When you do not think that you have anything to learn in life, why would you bother to try new things, do something just for fun, or experiment with your choices? When you stop fearing “looking dumb” or worrying that you will not be good at something, you can start doing things just because they sound exciting or because they are fun to try. It does not matter if you are not “good” at something with a growth mindset, because if it is something you find you like doing, you can always get better at it later.

Growth Thinking Helps You Let Go of Perfectionism

Those who are fixed in their thinking worry a lot about perfection. Because life is just a series of tests of your current capacity, you need to be “on” always, to be at your best consistently. A growth mindset allows you to see that no one is perfect, that we all have room for improvement. But, fixed ways of thinking focus on how the world is measuring or judging your innate gits, which can block your willingness to experiment, show vulnerability, or take risks.

You Can Reframe Setbacks and Challenges

When you are stuck in fixed ways of viewing yourself, you are likely very frustrated by setbacks or avoid challenges that might point out your lack of skills or weaknesses. However, a growth-oriented attitude helps you see these types of adversity of useful and full of information that can inform your development. For those with a fixed mindset, challenges can deter motivation, but when you focus on growth, they can actually improve your willingness to work hard. 

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