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3 Self Esteem Activities for Adults

Low self-esteem is an issue that almost everyone encounters at some point in their life. Unlike most real world problems, self-esteem isn’t always the easiest issue to solve, and can often be difficult to talk to others about.

There are many activities to help people overcome their self-esteem issues, and here are three easy steps to a higher self-esteem. First, you have to realize that with a low self-esteem, you are more prone to looking at all of the negatives about yourself rather than focusing on what you have going on for you.

Make a list of a couple of positive aspects in either your life, or just your day to day events that went well for you. Physically writing down these positive notes will make you focus more on the things that are going well in your life, rather than emphasizing all of the negatives.

Writing down events or traits that you like about yourself will also show you what makes you happier and when your mood is elevated, which could lead to more positive habits if you continue to chase these positive moments and traits.

Now that you have set up a base level of positive traits about yourself, begin to set short term goals that you can reach, and will benefit you as a person. These goals can be anything that you put your mind to – whether it’s walking more to get in better shape, generally eating better, learning something new at work, picking up a new hobby such as painting, or reconnecting with positive people from your past.

Not only will you feel better about reaching goals, but if the goal is set to bring about a positive outcome in you, then you will also reap self-esteem growth, too. Don’t be afraid to make the goals as small as you want.

Even cleaning the kitchen or mowing the lawn can be a win as long as you know it’s achievable and you feel good about making progress. These smaller goals will pick up the momentum to grow your self-esteem even faster.

After acknowledging your positive traits, things that are going well for you, and achieving wins for yourself, you now have the ball rolling, and it’s time to reward yourself as the third self esteem boosting activity.

Go do something that’s fun or relaxing for yourself because overcoming self-esteem isn’t an easy task and you’ve earned it. Not only do you get to treat yourself to something nice like a pedicure, ballgame, or your favorite restaurant, but you also set yourself up to be in a good mood throughout the week.

Being in a better mood will give you a higher chance of thinking positively about your life, and raise your self-esteem. Seeing things in a positive light helps you see everything with less negativity.


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