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Stifle Self Doubt to Prevent Failure

Stifle Self Doubt to Prevent Failure

Self doubt is something that causes you to question yourself and your decisions. It usually stems from not believing that you have the capability to achieve what you’d like to do.

If you’re an entrepreneur, self doubt usually happens because you start looking at all the success stories of others like you. You see everything that they’ve achieved. They’re doing well financially and they have a huge following.

You look at them, then back at yourself and compare the two. Then you begin to feel discouraged or terrible about where you are in life. You look at their business growth and feel like yours is insignificant in comparison.

You may even start to doubt that you could ever have the same kind of success that the other person has. What you have to do to stifle this kind of self doubt is to remind yourself that everyone had to start somewhere.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success and no one was born a successful entrepreneur. Everyone who achieved anything worthwhile had to work hard to accomplish it.

Many successful entrepreneurs got their start by launching a business with a small product. They started in their home or their garage. They didn’t have a lot of money and had to bootstrap their startup.

Maybe they began writing one article at time for a client or blog posts for others before they built a solid following as an expert in their niche. Don’t give in to the self doubt. You can do the same thing that any other successful person did.

Start with what you have. If you’re creating an online business selling things to customers, you don’t need to start with that big, expensive shopping cart software that everyone is raving about.

Just having a PayPal button on your website can be enough to get you started. If you have a lack of knowledge or skills and that’s contributing to your self doubt, then learn as you go along in your business.

You can find free tutorials if you can’t afford classes. You can also ask questions. Most entrepreneurs remember what it was like starting out and will answer if you ask a question.

Work on having confidence. Do this by creating a success mindset. If you’re telling yourself that you’re a failure, that you’re never going to succeed, then you’re going to bring that about.

You’ll end up buying into that belief and you’ll make it happen, whether you want to or not. Your thoughts have power. You don’t want to say stuff to yourself that obviously isn’t true, such as, “I’m a million dollar entrepreneur” when you have $2 in your bank account because your brain will reject that logic.

Instead, you say, “I am on my way to becoming”… and then fill in the blank with something like “a successful entrepreneur.” Cultivate confidence by continuing to grow. Make a commitment to learn new things. Have goals. Be positive and avoid negative thoughts and situations. Take risks and celebrate all your wins. Each small achievement builds your confidence.


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