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Are A.I. Image Generators Violating Copyright Laws?

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of Picasso,” and artificial intelligence tools including DALL-EMidjourney and Stable Diffusion can conjure an image for you in seconds. They do so by incorporating elements from the vast libraries of digitally available images and artwork from across the internet that they have been trained on.

But in doing so, are those A.I. tools infringing on the copyrights of the artists behind those images? That question is at the heart of two new lawsuits.

Last week, Seattle-based stock image giant Getty Images announced that it has initiated legal proceedings against Stability AI, the maker of Stable Diffusion. Getty alleges that the company has copied millions of its images and “[chosen] to ignore viable licensing options and long-standing legal protections in pursuit of their stand-alone commercial interests.”

Stability AI was also named as a defendant in a class action lawsuit filed in a United States federal court in San Francisco by three visual artists on behalf of the visual arts community, per Reuters Blake Brittain. They say that A.I. image generators “violate the rights of millions of artists,” also naming Midjourney and DeviantArt, an online gallery that has launched its own A.I. tool, as defendants....

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